Baby DIY: Green Gradient Alphabet Poster

This week the “D” in DIY stands for “Download.” I’ve made a new page for all my DIYs, you can find it here or linked above the header.


I’m on a big kick right now to finally get some art up in Gwen’s room. I’ve ordered a couple things and I’ve got plans to make a couple things. I’ve been looking for an alphabet poster, but I couldn’t find one that I liked enough to spend a bunch of money on (especially once I factored in shipping costs). I decided to just make one myself and I’m going to share it with you! Mine is dark green but I’ve also made a light version, and as a bonus for cursive haters, Helvetica versions of both as well.


1. Download* the alphabet poster of your choice: cursive dark, cursive light, Helvetica dark, Helvetica light. FAIR WARNING THEY ARE ENORMOUS.

2. Print the poster out. You could do this yourself if you have a decent printer and want a smaller poster, or have it done for you. I had mine printed out at Staples and it was easy, cheap and fast. (note: the posters are 18″ X 24″, which is the smallest size Staples offers for poster printing.)

3. Hang it on your baby’s wall and get alphabetizing!


If you print out an alphabet poster I’d love to see it ~in action~, so please leave me a comment with a pic or link, tweet/instagram @taniewanie with the hashtag #unicornparade, email me or post a pic on the facebook page! Or if green isn’t your thing I can also make these available for download in other colours (upon request).


Extra bonus colours: Helvetica Light in orange, Helvetica Light in Mint

*These posters are free for personal use ONLY! Please don’t use my design to make products to sell, that’s stealing & it’s rude as hell.

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    1. Did you want the dark cursive one in grey like in the picture? I haven’t actually edited the full-size files yet so I can do any one you want.

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