Our weekend was pretty low-key; I’m still working on redecorating my dining room (and actually decided to paint MORE this weekend, whyyyy) but we did manage to get out of the house a couple of times.
ocean view
On Saturday morning we went on a family walk on the Seawall, which you’d think was a forced death march from the way Sym acted about it. TWEENS, I tell ya.

I will literally never be done painting
After we got back I started the aforementioned more painting. I decided to extend the “hills” of my children’s living room mural into the dining room. I’d originally used my Ikea Mammut round table to make a template, but I’ve since sold it, so I had to use some math to make a new template. I went on the website and got the diameter of the table (85cm), divided that in half and using a pencil, a pin and 42.5cm of string was able to approximate the same arc. It’s not perfect but I think it’s close enough.
Geez what a mess

Sunday turned out to be a day of weird coincidences (I unlocked my phone one second before someone was called, two people tried to buy the same listing in my etsy at the same time< etc) and HORRIBLE LOST DOG RELATED HEART ATTACKS. I just washed this dog and I can't do a thing with her #pomsofinstgram #pomeranian #whydoesitsmelllikewetdoginhere
Taylor and I were going to run a couple of errands, so while he was changing Gwen I propped the door open to take the stroller out. Somehow Georgie managed to sneak outside without me noticing, and by the time I realized she wasn’t int he house she was nowhere to be found! I ran around to the front of the house and out into the back alley, calling and calling, and one of my neighbors came outside to help look as well. I was sure she was gone forever; if she didn’t get hit by a car she’d be scooped up by someone and I’d never get her back.

I decided to quickly go across the street to the dog park to ask the people there if they’d seen a little orange dog, and just as I was opening the outer gate who should come running around the corner of the community garden but my naughty dog! I couldn’t even get mad at her for running away, I was just so happy to have her back! The whole thing is bitterly ironic because just last week I was bragging that Georgie was so well-behaved that she wouldn’t come outside when the door was propped open unless I told her it was okay. I GUESS THIS IS NO LONGER THE CASE.

In shop news, if you’ve been thinking about buying a banner then NOW IS THE TIME. Use the code SPRING20 to get 20% off your purchase from the Unicorn Parade Shop, including custom items.
I’m not sure how long I’ll be running this promotion; I’m trying to quickly earn enough money to pay for my half of Sym’s new phone (she dropped her old one in the toilet, a classic iPhone owner move) and get a HTC One for myself because I seriously CAN’T DEAL with that hand-me-down Galaxy Nexus. Once I’ve gotten enough money for those two things the sale will be over. Don’t miss out on this great deal!

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