Lazy Afternoon Links

Sym & Gwen, 11 years apart (funny story: I showed the top picture to Sym this morning and she said it was of Gwen!).

I’m in love with the alphabet poster I had printed at Staples, but did you know you can go bigger for cheaper if you get engineer prints? This post on Within Color tells you all about it.

Black Oak Handmade has some great reclaimed wood products.

My friend Eva has a new blog and I hope she keeps it up because she’s a delight.

Love Lana

Gwen’s outfits (including some of the stuff I thrifted the other week) and a round-up of minty nursery goodies on Tiny Buttons.

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    1. Right??? Like there are some differences that I know (Gwen’s hair is curlier, Sym’s eyes are bigger/bluer) but at a glance they’re pretty indistinguishable.

  1. The more you look, the more differences you can see. And yet, the similarity is uncanny. You ARE good at making pretty children!

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