This weekend (like all of my weekends recently) was most spent on one thing: working on the dining room. And after all the priming and painting and rearranging, I’m finally finished!
Okay, truthfully I’m not 100% done: I need to put up some art, fill the shelves and reupholster some seat cushions, but the bulk of the work is done, including:
• refinishing the table & chairs
• going on a craigslist adventure to get a highchair for Gwen
• painting the walls, and then painting them more when I decided to extend the look of the living room mural
• taking down my DIY chandelier and changing the light fixture back to the old one, which I gave a totally different look with a new paper shade & some grosgrain ribbon wrapped around the cord
• moving two shelving units from Taylor’s half of the office, mounting them on the walls and adding a couple cupboard inserts (okay, only one so far)

The best part about this is I hardly had to buy anytihng to give this room a whole new look. The only things I bought were the high chair ($45) and a cushion for it ($6), the grosgrain ribbon ($4), the cupboard inserts ($30 for two) and the seat cushion fabric ($20). All the other furniture and all the paint I already had!
A few other things: Friday I met Jenn for lunch at a bakery/cafe between her office & my apartment. Saturday I got a new phone of my own instead of one of Taylor’s hand-me-downs and on Saturday night we made bacon white cheddar nachos for dinner. Sunday we made the mistake of taking a walk on the Seawall on the weekend and it was super crowded and unpleasant; I guess all our quiet, midweek walks on the empty Seawall have spoiled us. Sunday night Taylor’s mom visited- she’s taking every opportunity to come to town for work so she has an excuse to come see Gwen.

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