So I’ve definitely been keeping up with my morning Seawall walks with Gwen, and sometimes Taylor joins me as well. He’s still working from home two nights a week, Monday and Friday, which means those mornings he can come out with us when he finishes work.

There have been some really beautiful days recently- last Monday was so still and clear and cloudless that we could see (what I think is) Vancouver Island to the west (on the left of the picture behind the container ships)…
You can literally see forever today
…and Mount Baker (in Washington) to the southeast (about 2/3 of the way across this picture).
You can kind of faintly see Mount Baker in this pic. I CAN SEE AMERICA FROM HERE

Today was a little different. It was still sunny and clear, but it was THE WINDIEST DAY EVER. The ocean was crazy, waves were breaking & crashing against the Seawall so hard it was sending up some serious spray.
This was by English Bay, and I had to take Gwen’s stroller up onto the grass so we wouldn’t get hit with water. Once we got into the Stanley Park part of the wall there were no grassy areas beside the path, just trees and/or cliffs. There were more than a few places were we just had to try and time it correctly and run like hell to avoid the water. The corner by Siwash Rock was especially intense, with the spray from the crashing waves going AT LEAST 8-10 feet up.

There were also piles and piles of seafoam jiggling around on the beaches, which I’d never seen in real life before. And yes, jiggling. It jiggles! So weird.
Once we reached the leeward side of the park by Burrard Inlet the water was much calmer and the sun was very warm. We had a good time secretly giggling at all the people walking/jogging in the opposite direction as us, who had no idea what they were heading into. NO IDEA.

Gwen had a great time on this walk. She slept through part of it, but woke up in time for the majority of my running and yelling OH MY GOD OH MY GOD OH MY GOD while trying to avoid getting soaked. The wind was pretty cold but we had her bundled in a bunch of blankets and actually put the raincover on the stroller in case the spray hit us, although we actually managed to avoid getting soaked, although Taylor did run through a puddle of seawater and ended up with wet shoes.

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