Saturday Taylor’s sister came over with her family and Gwen met her little 3-month-old cousin Evan for the first time, as well as her aunt and uncle.
Georgie has to be in every picture.

I perfected my scalloped-trim shoe pattern and made Gwen a new pair of shoes out of this awesome platinum leather. I’m happy they turned out since I only had enough of this colour to make one pair.

Sunday was of course Mother’s Day and tbh it sucked. It was barely even acknowledged at all- Taylor said “Happy Mother’s Day” to me when I got up in the morning, and Sym mumbled it as she breezed out the door on her way to Disneyland. That was it, until later in the afternoon when I broke down crying over the fact that the only thing I got for Mother’s Day was tagged in a facebook pic of Amy Poehler in Mean Girls.

I’m going to adopt the internet friend who tagged me as my new family, AT LEAST DANIELLE APPRECIATES ME.

When Taylor heard me crying he felt bad and got up (he had to work last night so he was already in bed in the afternoon) and went out to get me flowers and cake and sparkling wine, which I appreciate but like… I would have rather the day had been celebrated WITHOUT me sobbing about it first, and also before one of my kids left for a week’s vacation? idk, this makes me sound spoiled and bratty but really I didn’t even want THINGS, I just wanted the morning to be special.

I’m also forever bitter about the whole Disneyland trip. It was supposed to be this big group with both sides of Sym’s family but since I’m not working we couldn’t afford to go, so Sym is going with only her dad’s side of the family. I just feel sad, like the whole point of the trip was that Sym was supposed to go with her WHOLE family and I feel left out of her life. I DON’T KNOW I’m just emotional I guess.

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  1. Sorry to hear about the less-than-ideal mother’s day morning, and the whole Disney thing… I would feel pretty emotional about it too. Next year (and probably every year after that) you won’t have to cry first.
    I remember one year my father didn’t buy my mom flowers for their anniversary (I think they had agreed on buying a household gift instead… like a lawnmower or something similarly unromantic)… anyway, she really cried when he came home from work without flowers for her (she even had a vase ready with water in it!). Needless to say he felt terrible, and has never not gotten her flowers on their anniversary since : )
    Next year will be better.

    1. “Next year (and probably every year after that) you won’t have to cry first.”


  2. Tanie, I think you’re a pretty damn (idk, am I allowed to say damn on this thing? IS THIS THING ON? HULLO? I LOVE CHEEZ ITS) awesome momma and just in general all around lady person, for what it is worth, and I am genuinely sorry that your Madre’s day was less than ideal. D: But just remember that your babies and hubby and friends all love you, and I have no doubt what so ever that next year’s will be much better!

    Also, don’t feel like you’re being whiny about not going to Disneyland. I mean come on, IT’S DISNEY LAND. COME ON. Not one, but TWO of my friends are in Disney WORLD right now, WITH OUT ME and I have been sitting here this entire week slouched with my arms crossed pouting like whoa and I care not.


    I MEAN SERIOUSLY. Ughhhh. :[

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