Moving On

This week Gwen has mastered the art of scooting backwards on her belly; as soon as you turn your head, she’s off, quite quickly. She can also get right up on her hands and knees and I honestly think she’ll master crawling before she figures out rolling from her front to her back or sitting up.
Since she can’t go forwards yet she tends to get stuck under the furniture a lot.
I'M STUCK (photographic evidence of my last tweet)
For the record she was yelling in frustration here, not pain.

She leaves a trail of drool-drops in her wake, so no matter where her tiny travels take her I’ll always be able to find her.

4 Replies to “Moving On”

  1. Amazing! My boy is still pretty much stationary… and can’t stay up on hands & knees either yet (he tries to and then his belly droops to the floor!).
    But the trail of drool… well, we’ve definitely mastered that one! Hilarious!

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