Lazy Afternoon Links + Important Announcement

Thanks everyone for indulging my sad-sackery this week. I’m still in a pretty crudly slump but I’m trying to feel better.
lol I kid

ANYWAYS. I really feel like one of the reasons I’ve been down recently is because I’m stressed all the time about how much stuff I have to do and how little time I have to do it in. Basically, I need a break! Obviously I can’t take a break from my life and my family and myself, but I CAN take a break from working- hell, I’m supposed to be on maternity leave anyway! After Jezebel linked to my etsy shop on Halloween I got swamped with banner orders, and I’ve pretty much stayed swamped. So after this weekend, I’m going to be taking a little vacation from my etsy shop. It’ll be closing May 27th and I’ll reopen June 10th– I figure two weeks will give me enough time to finish all my outstanding orders and then (hopefully!) have a week to relax- by which I mean catch up on housework and finish rearranging my office!

On to the links!
The greatest Beverly Hills, 90210 tumblr in the history of time.

This explains my dog obsession.

Ocean Sole makes toys and sculptures from old flip-flops that wash up on the beaches in Kenya (they can be purchased here).

The cutest thing I saw on the internet all week.

This moon clock diy is super clever.

My favourite take on the gif/jif debate.

Girrafics Interchange Format

What Gwen wore.

Have a good weekend everyone!

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