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You would think I’d have a lot of things to share this week seeing as how I haven’t had to spend all my time working on banners, but I’ve actually hardly spent any time online at all. Not having to work = not having to procrastinate from doing that work by wasting time on the internet. I wish I could say this means I’ve been doing all kinds of stuff living my life but tragically & typically I’ve been sick all week. OF COURSE I’M SICK DURING MY WEEK OF FREEDOM 9__6 I have been trying to live my life anyway, regardless of how I’ve been feeling, but yesterday I was forced to admit I feel like garbage: headache, nausea, fever, muscle aches; basically the whole shebang of sickness. In fact, the only reason I’m posting now is because a) I had to get up off the couch to make my Tiny Buttons post lest I disappoint my co-founder, and b) I already started this post earlier in the week when I wasn’t feeling sick, so all I had to do was add this whiny paragraph and now I can return to eating Twizzlers & watching Star Trek: Voyager on the couch (YES I’M STILL WATCHING VOYAGER SORRY I’M NOT SORRY IT’S A REALLY GOOD SHOW).

Sara is now offering choose-your-own nail decals.

I’m super into tiny things so I’m super into this list of tiny crafts.

An intensely adorable tumblr.

Love Kate’s blog Red Maple Hair & wish she’d post more often.

Meg Zandi’s DIY temporary pastel hair dye is making me regret giving all my fun-coloured hair dye to my teenage neighbour.

Since I went to all the trouble of posting, you should go see what Gwen wore.

Have a good weekend for me, everyone!

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  1. It always works like that with being sick! I can guarantee I will get sick when I’m on break from school, not when I am at school :/ Cute dog!

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