This weekend was such a bust! Tragically I was still sick (and am still sick now, gross) so even though I TRIED to have a good weekend I really didn’t. OH WELL.

On Friday night I needed a book to read in the bath so I downloaded Lauren Oliver’s Before I Fall (there was an excerpt of it at the end of my copy of Requiem that caught my attention). I actually couldn’t sleep that night and stayed up until 3:30 am reading and crying, oopssssss. I actually have a lot of feels about this book that I’ll be posting about separately, so GET EXCITED for my thoughts on my own mortality (sort of).

I would have liked to have slept in for a million years on Saturday morning but I had plans with Sym to go shopping. She needed a white dress for the school play, and a plain white dress in tween sizes is actually pretty hard to find. Sym is at an awkward in-between size and age; a lot of children’s dresses are too childish for her and although she can fit into some adult clothing (in size zero/extra small and I never thought i’d be complaining about not being able to find 0/xs clothes, WE COULDN’T FIND ANY WTH) most of it isn’t appropriate for her. We finally found a white lace dress at H&M, but what she REALLY wanted was a high-low dress or skirt, because they’re “really in” right now (her words).
I was shocked she agreed to let me take pictures of her/post them so I have to post them all, SORRY CRABBY H&M SHOPPING BAG LADY.

On the way back from the mall we stopped by the City of Bhangra festival at the Vancouver Art Gallery, but only had time to watch one performance before I had to get Sym home to meet her dad. Later that afternoon I went back down with Gwen to watch a few more teams. I wanted Taylor to come as well but he had work to do, so it was just me & the baby.

The rest of the weekend was literally (LITERALLY) spent lying on the couch and complaining, so I want to give a big shout out of appreciation to Taylor for a) putting up with me, b) doing the majority of babycare & housework, and c) going to the store to get me things to eat & drink on multiple occasions.

And finally, it’s June 10th so my vacation is over, and my etsy shop is back. I need to save up a bunch of money so I can go to San Francisco with Taylor in August so GO BUY STUFF.

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    1. yeah I was BAWLING through a lot of it, but silently because it was the middle of the night and everyone else was sleeping lol

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