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This morning Gwen let me sleep in until almost 9. After I got her up and dressed and fed, we had to take the dogs for a walk. I’ve mentioned it before but Tuesday mornings, with Taylor at work and Sym at her dad’s, are the most difficult mornings for me in terms of dealing with the baby and the dogs. Tuesday mornings are when I wish most that I had my own fenced yard and I could just let the dogs out instead of taking them (and the baby) for a walk around the park.

When I started getting ready it was cloudy. By the time I’d gotten everyone ready to go out it was raining lightly. After a bit of deliberation I decided I’d better put the rain cover on the stroller, and by the time I’d done that and gotten it up the stairs it was pouring. I actually had to run back inside and change into my waterproof jacket.

The rain kept up for almost the entire walk. I hadn’t bothered putting on proper footwear so my cheap canvas shoes were soaked and muddy and the dogs looked like drowned rats. The raindrops were splashing up so high when I looked down the street it almost looked misty. It reminded me of when I was a kid, and when it rained hard, the water hitting our back deck would splash up in two droplets that made me think of rabbit ears. I’d imagine little water bunnies jumping all over the deck.

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