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I think calling these posts “lazy” is more apt than ever lately. I’m feeling pretty lazy about everything, this blog included. My house is a mess, my roots are out of control, I haven’t paid my bills yet this month (OOPS) and even though I have like, fifty billion blog posts in my head right now, when it comes to actually typing them out I’m like… I’d rather not. I have been working on etsy orders, but I’ve also been eating a lot of ice cream on the couch while marathoning Teen Wolf, so…

Anyway. You know.

SOMEbody's wide awake, many hours after bedtime

Years ago someone jokingly accused me of being an internet fraud, that my “online persona” was a creation of an eight year old girl, and the pictures I posted of “Symphony” were pictures of myself, and the pictures I posted of “me” were actually of my babysitter. It’s my favourite rumour about me ever, although it’s clearly not true (… or is it). Internet fakery is a real and fascinating thing though, and this week I got sucked into the Warrior Eli Hoax Group blog. SO BIZARRE. There have been fakers in my online circle before, with made up lives and drama, who were caught and exposed, but maybe there are more. Anybody could be anybody on the internet.

Botanical prints are really popular (here on the internet at least) and these have top be the coolest.

The Tigering!

Hipsters Who Dress Like Jackie From Roseanne

I will watch this movie JUST to see this gif on the big screen.

See what Gwen wore.

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  1. Ok lazy bum how about I come over on July 2nd in the morning and we go for a walk on the seawall with the girls?

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