Remember yesterday when I said Gwen had little interest in sitting up? NEVERMIND.
She sat up for longer than she’d ever done- usually she’ll topple after only a few seconds, but today she stayed upright for entire minutes.

It’s so funny how babies will have no luck with a particular skill for so long and then suddenly Get It.

3 Replies to “Nevermind”

  1. Gosh Gwen is such a sweetie. I love seeing how different babies are. Alison has been sitting up since 5 months but can’t seem to get her knees underneath her at all like Gwen can. Our babies are the best, yes???

    1. They are SO the best! Honestly I sometimes worry that Gwen isn’t meeting milestones when she “should”, but then I try and relax because babies are different and do different things at different times. As long as they are doing SOMETHING it’s all good.

      Gwen has actually figured out how to move forwards now, but squirming on her belly. She is still faster going backwards though!

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