Tired and REtired

This week is turning out to be a total drag. It’s rainy and gross out (Sym is especially annoyed because her class has been going swimming at an outdoor pool every day) so I’ve barely been able to leave the house. I mean, I COULD leave the house but pushing a stroller around in wet weather isn’t very fun so what is the point?

To add to the misery, Gwen is also miserable. On Monday she cut her first tooth and she is NOT HAPPY ABOUT IT. This does explain those nights last week when she wouldn’t sleep- that happened again on Sunday night and Monday morning I discovered the tooth. Since then she’s been whiny, clingy, and demanding. She’s been taking 45 minute naps (we’re used to 2 hour ones) and hardly eating- she just chews on the nipple and drools formula all over the place. She doesn’t want me to put her down and when I do she cries, but when I hold her she cries too. It’s incredibly frustrating not being able to help her feel better! She’s always been such a chill baby that I’ve that that when something finally happened to change that I wouldn’t know how to deal with it (emotionally), and lo and behold, my horrible prediction has come true.
Little tooth cutter #tinybuttonsblog
I’m hoping that today will be better, but she’s been napping for less than an hour and I can already hear her starting to wake up, so I’m not optimistic. Poor baby. Poor mommy.

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