I guess I had a pretty alright weekend. I did accomplish the one thing I most needed to accomplish, which was rearrange my side of the office. It’s not perfect, I need to paint a bookcase & fill in some holes in the wall so I can put up my shelves, but it’s definitely better than before. And I cleaned off my desk! It’s amazing how much bigger my computer looks when not dwarfed by piles of garbage. Actually that goes for the whole room, really.

I did some more just-for-fun banner making. Sometimes I get so burnt out making the same ones over and over that I don’t even want to look at glitter on the weekend, but not this weekend. In addition to last weeks’ PUKE and BARF banners, over the weekend I made a bronze with iridescent hex glitter WOW GREAT JOB, and a purple gradient THE LITERAL WORST (both are available in the shop).
I’ve also been working on a banner using drippy letters that I’m hoping will be really tumblr-y when it’s done, as well as some ombre skulls.

Gwen had some exciting travels this weekend- she visited the foyer and underneath Taylor’s desk (meaning we cleaned/sorted out his half of the office just in time, although he still needs to properly secure those wires. WHAT IS IT WITH DUDES AND WIRES????).

One bad moment this weekend: Taylor and I were wishing on a six-pack ring (you each put two fingers in the two end rings and pull, whoever gets the bigger half gets the wish, like a beery wishbone) and I couldn’t pull. Like, my upper arm had literally zero strength and felt like there was no muscle there at all. At first I was laughing about how weak I was, but then I remembered that muscle weakness/loss is a symptom of my disease and then I was really sad. Since then I’ve been super aware of how sad and floppy my arms feel all the time.

My neighbors’ ridiculous kitten that keeps trying to climb in my windows. Also shout out to my hydrangea for still being alive.

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