Symphony’s Granville Island

this post was written (and mostly photographed) by Symphony with only minor edits for clarity
Today we went to Granville Island to go shopping. We first we went to the Kids Market and got some stickers for Mom, toys and books for me, and toys for Gwen.
We went to Crystal Ark There were these big rocks that were cut open to show amethyst, some sort of white crystal or topaz. There were big orbs that they had. Some were pink and some were topaz, they were really cool. There were slices of agate in different colours. I got a blue one that looks like raindrop. A lady asked me to take a picture of her with her son or nephew in the Cave of Wonders!!! (The rocks in there really hurt your feet.)
After we went for lunch and had Chinese. It didn’t taste very good, and the pieces were too big. I almost choked ‘^’ NOT COOL!!!! Next we bought some macarons from A Bread Affair and tried the different flavours out on the dock in the sun. Another person asked me to take his picture, a man from Australia.
After we went to a store called Dragon Space. It was really cool. While my mom was looking at stickers I saw a Queen of Hearts mask that reminded me of the Halloween episode of Pretty Little Liars. There were a lot of figures of fairies. Some were with dragons, some were naked (you can’t see anything), there was one called Medusa’s jewel or gem and another one was called the Bride of Death (not as creepy as you think. Well the Bride one was kinda creepy…) I secretly took photos with my phone >:D heh heh. Well I’m done. Peace!

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  1. Great pics Sym … Loved the dialogue. You will have to do this the next time you go some where.
    Hugs and stuff … Grandma xooxxo

  2. Great post! It sounds like you had a lot of fun today! All of your pictures look great & obviously everyone knew you were a great photographer since two people asked you to take their pictures (or maybe it was just your cool outfit that drew them in!).

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