DIY Day: Cheap, Quick & Easy Campfire Candles

I made these for a summer camp-themed party, and once I got my technique down they were fast and easy to make. They are also exceedingly cheap, all the supplies you need can be found at the dollar store.

You will need:
• clear plastic cups
• transparent cellophane origami paper in red, yellow and orange*
• twine
• double-sided tape
• exacto knife
• cutting mat
• scissors

Take one sheet of each colour and stack them up on your cutting mat.

Cut across the stack in a zigzag pattern. You can make the points as large or small as you like, and don’t worry about trying to be neat. You’ll end up with six “flames” of cellophane, each with a jagged edge and a straight edge.

Place a strip of double-stick tape along the straight edge of each flame. My double stick tape is quite wide so I cut each piece in half lengthwise before sticking it to the flames.

Now it’s time to attach the flames to the cup. This sounds complicated but it’s really easy, and remember: it doesn’t have to look perfect or symmetrical!
Remove the backing from the tape in the first flame. Place the center of the taped edge near the bottom of the cup and wrap it around so the ends of the cellophane curve up the cup. Take the second flame of the same colour and attach it on the opposite side of the cup. The ends will overlap those of the first flame. Next, take the first flame of the second colour and attach it below the overlapping ends of the first colour, and the second flame of the second colour below the overlapping flames on the opposite side of the cup. Place the two flames of the third colour in the same way, so the center of them is below the overlapped ends of the second colour.

Wrap double-sided tape around the bottom 1″-2″ of the cup, over the cellophane.

Place the end of your twine vertically on the cup, and then wrap it horizontally around the cup over itself. Keep wrapping until you reach the top of your tape. Cut the twine and stick the end to the tape (if it doesn’t stay in place a dab of white glue should do the trick, although I haven’t found that to be necessary).


You’re done! Now put in an LED tealight** and you’re ready for camp!

*You can find cellophane origami paper online (this is similar to what I used) but I found mine at Yoko Yaya (which is a Daiso store I think) for much cheaper. Each pack had three of each of the colours I used for the project, so be sure to buy enough packs for the number of candles you need. If you can’t get cellophane origami paper you can use larger sheets of cellophane, and cut it to 6″x6″ size before starting.

**Under NO CIRCUMSTANCES are these votive holders to be used with REAL candles. They are plastic and will therefore melt, possibly catch on fire, maybe burn down your house and ruin your life and I don’t wanna be responsible for that! Please use only fake LED candles!

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