What’s In My Bag

1. LA-Z Girl bag from American Apparel. I’ve had this bag for years and only use it in the summer. My only complaint is I wish it had two pockets (one for phone and one for keys), but otherwise I like it. Although seeing the stock picture I’m kind of repulsed at how discoloured mine is. Guess I’ll be doing laundry tonight!
2. phone, HTC One
3. Envirosax reusable shopping bag, always important!
4. keys on a moon & sun keyring from Cutpath
5. Evian Spray, what of it??? I’d pretend that I’ve only started using this since I developed this overheated sweatiness disease, but lbr, I’ve been hooked since I was 17.
6. camera, a Canon S90, represented here by my camera case. This case came with my ex’s first-ever digital camera in 2000.
7. wallet, I’m fancy so it’s Balenciaga, but I’m also broke these days so there’s nothing in it but a maxed-out credit card and three dollars in change.
8. Vandring burp cloth from Ikea. These cloths are great for wiping up baby messes, or clipping to the stroller as a sun shade. Everyone else in the world uses those Aiden & Anais swaddling blankets for that, but they’re so big that they’re always flapping in the breeze. The Ikea cloths are a much better size, plus they’re $5 for 2. SOLD!
9. zipper pouch from Jimmy K. Designs, holding a) Peppa doll, b) Haba Zwergi rattle, and c) Boon Snack Ball full of Cheerios.
Usually when I go out these days “my” bag is actually the baby’s diaper bag and it’s full of her things with my wallet, phone and keys crammed in a tiny pocket. If we’re just out running a quick errand though, I’ll just throw a few baby essentials into a pouch. Depending on what needs Gwen will have while we’re out, I’ll bring a few toys and a snack, or one diaper & wipes, or a bottle and bib.

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  1. this is awesome! i’ve always been a fan of what’s in my bag posts & it’s extra cool getting to see my keychains in their natural habitats.

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