Lazy Links


Jenn breaks down the summer camp party, complete with recipes.

Loving this “It’s Meow or Never” tote bag from Jennifer Lesley Design.

Vintage photographs of celebs with dogs (needs more pomeranians tbh).

New sets of heart garlands are available in the shop. I have some pink/red hearts and green/turquoise stars that will be up later as well!

Excellent round up of tree swings. We had two at my parent’s house growing up- one in the backyard and one in the bottom garden by the stream (that’s right, my childhood was hella idyllic) and if I ever move out of this godforsaken basement apartment into a house with a yard I don’t have to share I am DEFINITELY getting a tree swing.

The most intense burger ring ever.

See Gwen’s weird laundry day-looking outfit on Tiny Buttons.

Speaking of, she’s been a pretty silly baby this week, getting into all sorts of trouble, like chasing dogs…
refusing to go to bed…
and getting stuck in furniture. Babies! They are crazy.

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