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After my hair appointment we took Gwen for lunch at the Cactus Club on English Bay. Bonus points for the super helpful staff (they’ll store your stroller for you while you eat!), demerits for the woman in the booth across from me who took off her sneakers and put her feet up on the bench so whenever I turned to look at Gwen all I saw was gnarly feet. Like, I’m not one of those “EW EW FEET R SO GROSS” people, but like… don’t take your shoes off in a restaurant.

In the afternoon I had to go get my blood drawn to test my thyroid hormone levels. I was able to go to the lab inside the hospital and man, I wish I could go there every time I had to get bloodwork done. It’s so much faster/less busy than the other labs around here.

Watching The Host through pink wine goggles
In the evening we watched The Host, by which I mean the film based on the Stephenie Meyer book, not the Korean monster movie. The latter is excellent; the former is the most BORING movie I’ve seen since Quantum of Solace. It was basically two hours of people being broody and sullen in caves. YAWN. Even drinking most of a bottle of pink champagne didn’t make it bearable. The only good line in the whole movie: “Kiss me like you want to get slapped!”

In the morning we skipped the farmer’s market and I spent most of the day on a project I’ll be discussing tomorrow. We also skipped the fireworks since we didn’t want to mess with Gwen’s bedtime. Last weekend she was fine when we kept her out late and fine the following day, but for the rest of the week we had a lot of trouble getting her to bed. Instead we stayed in and played Ascension for the first time in what feels like months. Tragically I lost T___T
Looks like Lucy Lawless & Bruce Campbell as Shrek & Fiona #ascension

I had a very thyroidy night; I was really jittery and sensitive and SO HUNGRY. We had dinner early (pasta) and less than two hours later I was almost in tears because I was so starving! I forced Taylor to go to the store to get me potato wedges, and while he was gone I remembered we had hotdogs so I made those and while they were cooking I ate a bunch of cheese. It was crazy! I had three hot dogs and almost a pound of potatoes, I couldn’t believe it.

Sunday was for errands and projects. I rearranged the storage room and brought in a few things I’ll need for work. I photographed and listed some new banner sets on etsy, and picked up supplies to make more, as well as some suede for new baby shoes. I sorted out some plush toys, repainted the top of Taylor’s old desk so I can sell it (anybody want a desk?), and recovered a beanbag chair.
It used to be pink and stained; now it’s red with white polka dots. Usually I sew everything by hand but I knew it would take me fifty million years to finish it that way so I finally unboxed the sewing machine I bought in JANUARY and gave it a try. The result is… serviceable. I mean if I’d used an actual pattern and ironed the seams and pinned it properly it probably would have turned out better, but considering I barely know how to wind a bobbin I think it’s alright.

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  1. Ugh I am dreading going back to work too… although I do miss all the social interaction and adult conversation. But I’m terrified that my brain doesn’t work anymore… at least it doesn’t seem to anymore!

    We ate at that Cactus Club when we were in Vancouver too!


    1. I work with kids so I ever really had the social interaction or adult conversation, but at least I don’t have to worry about my brain, haha!

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