After the After

If you follow me on instagram then you already know that just going short was not the end of my ~hair journey~, and I spent most of Saturday going from almost black to basically blonde.
After the after #yikes
I’ve worn that striped tee every Saturday since I bought it.

It’s still more gold than I’d like, but there are limits to human endurance when it comes to peroxide, so CLOSE ENOUGH. I did not get this done at the salon because I’m a) broke, and b) reasonably confident in my bleaching abilities, and anyway my hair is short as hell right now so who cares what happens to it. I don’t recommend you doing this yourself though; too much can go wrong (breakage, hot roots, and the heartbreak of nuclear sunset orange hair) and I don’t want to be responsible for that. When considering a big hair change always consult a professional! Do as I say, not as a do, I guess.

I actually have a little bit of hot roots going on myself, which was inevitable. In case you don’t know, “hot roots” is when you colour your hair and the root area ends up lighter/brighter/more intense than the ends. This can be caused by your body heat causing the dye or bleach to process faster the closer it is to your scalp (ya hothead), or in my case, because of the various layers of dye on my hair requiring more time & bleach to lift. My roots are a bit lighter/less gold than my ends, but I can’t bleach it again because I’m basically going to die from dye. I’m going to embrace it instead; in certain dogs (like pomeranians) this kind of two-tone colouration of the hair shaft is called “sable,” doesn’t that sound better? Of course it does. So let’s call it gold sable.

I feel like I have become myself circa 1995-2001, a time period when I shaved my head every time I had a bad hair day and was in a constant cycle of black to blonde to black. Sometimes I’d throw some unnatural colour in there, or try to go red (a colour which in no way suits me) but most of my time was spent vacillating between the two extremes of the hair colour spectrum. One time in order to achieve my goal of going from the bluest black to the whitest blonde I bleached my hair eleven times in one week, which I DEFINITELY do not recommend unless you are keen on having chemical burns all over your scalp.

Anyway, here’s hoping I can keep it together and resist going dark again. The whole point of cutting all my hair off was so I could grow it out my natural colour and not have to worry about roots anymore, hot or otherwise.

UPDATE: Since writing this post I’ve managed to tone out the gold. My hair is now a lighter version of what I think my natural colour is (other than white/grey), which means it should be easy to grow out.

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  1. I have never ever ever done blonde. I have wanted to, but I get scared. You almost inspire me to do it, but still. The scared. Also, my eyebrows are ridiculous.

  2. I came across your blog through etsy so this is my first time commenting but I want to say that your hair looks great like this! Completely brings out your features!

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