Busy Week

On Monday my Mom came over and spent the day.

On Tuesday Sym and I (and Gwen!) went to Yokoyaya and stocked up on stickers, candy and about a thousand sheets of origami paper for a new project I’m dreaming up.

Refusing to sleep in her stroller.

I put up some shelves in my office.
Since I'm going to Ikea today I thought it'd be wise to finish putting up the shelves I got last time I went to Ikea.

Sym and I went with Jenn to Ikea.
Ikea & ice cream with @taniewanie & @smiles_hearts_magic
I bought some things I needed for work, as well as new dishes. I recently gotten bored with having all colourful dishes so I decided to switch to white ones (with some pink and red thrown in).

This morning I had an appointment with the endocrinologist, and guess what: my thyroid levels are looking good! Hooray for that. I don’t have to get tested again for six weeks.
I guess this exam room is also a storage room?

Hanging with Totoro.

I spent the rest of today unpacking and washing and organizing all the things I bought and brought in from storage.
All filled with toys and ready for the kids!

I still have some weird guilt about going back to work early, even though I’m not “going” anywhere. But with Sym I was able to take three years off to spend with just her, so it feels weird that I’ll be having other kids here when Gwen is only nine months old. I hope everything goes alright :/

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