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I took these photos last Friday, but AFTER I made my post, d’oh.

Ever since I redid my layout I’m been very much into the idea of only having black & white pictures on my blog. Of course, that wouldn’t really work for say, nail polish or glitter banner pics. My friend Christin suggested I insert in a script that makes the images appear black and white until you mouseover them, but tragically I can’t do that because…
I have no idea what I am doing

Before I get to the links, I’m going to complain. A LOT. And some of it’s about work. YOU’VE BEEN WARNED.

Gwen has been sick for a week and a half now, and she just doesn’t seem to be getting better. Yesterday I started thinking I should take her to the doctor. I felt a little “oh I’m overreacting, it’s just a cold” but I decided to do it anyway. Now, I only posted about this on my tumblr but I recently went through the process of trying to find a new doctor, as I was sick to death of my old doctor’s staffs’ incompetence and rudeness. The final straw came three days after I was diagnosed with Graves’, when the medical office assistant was so awful to me that I cried, and then insulted and humiliated me in front of the doctor, who didn’t do shit. And that doctor was no great shakes anyway; at Gwen’s six-month check-up she called Gwen “he” for the entire appointment until I took her diaper off. Like, way to be dialed into your patient’s needs, geez.

In the morning I called my new doctor’s office to try and get Gwen an appointment for this morning, since Taylor is home and awake on Friday mornings, but no dice, he didn’t have any appointments available until next week. I booked one anyway, but Gwen got sicker and sicker all afternoon so at the end of the day I decided to take her to the walk-in clinic. I hate going to the walk-in clinic because the wait is always interminable, especially at the one closest to my house. Instead I went to the one near Sym’s dad’s, because I’d heard it isn’t as busy and the doctors there are good. I’d never been there before myself, but I walked down the hill (IN THE RAIN) and when I arrived the waiting room was completely empty. A good sign! But when I went to the reception I saw the sign saying which doctor was on duty and oh my god I do not fucking believe it but IT’S MY USELESS OLD DOCTOR THAT I JUST QUIT WHAT THE HELL.

There was no way I was wasting my time with that mess so I left immediately and headed back up the hill (STILL IN THE RAIN) to try my luck at the clinic by my house, and in a burst of cleansing synchronicity they only had a 45 minute wait. Of course, if I just gone there in the first place I would have seen the doctor by that point because I’d been wandering hills in the rain for that long, but whatever. I put Gwen on the list and came home to walk the dogs and grab some packages to take to the post office. When I got back to the clinic there was only about 10-15 minutes to wait.

When it was our turn and I spoke to the doctor (who I actually liked, thank god), at first I could tell he was dismissing it as just a cold, but when I told him we were going to be flying next week and he listened to her chest and looked in her ears, he took it a little more seriously. Turns out that Gwen has bronchitis and an ear infection. PERFECT.

Also two weeks ago my endocrinologist adjusted my thyroid medication and it was CLEARLY a mistake because yesterday (OF ALL DAYS LIKE R U SRS????) my symptoms came back as bad as ever so throughout the entire ordeal I was jittery and sweaty and super agitated and had terrible stomach cramps. In fact, when I was at the pharmacy waiting for Gwen’s prescription I had to call Taylor to come and wait for it so I could go home because I thought I was going to have a bathroom emergency (I was, btw). WOW. GREAT. PERFECT. SO GOOD. JUST REALLY AWESOME.

Anyway. Links?

How cool are these animal pom poms???

Normally I’d be like UGH IT’S TOO WHIMSICAL but rn I’m very into this (hmm I wonder why the idea of quitting my job and moving away from everything is appealing to me so much rn…).

For all my Teen Wolf-loving friends, the official, gif-filled tumblr (also how much do I love that there is clearly someone whose job is making Teen Wolf gifs???).

A lot of bloggers are doing that weekly portrait thing this year but this is the only one I find interesting.

In case you missed it, this happened.

What Gwen wore this week.

Here’s hoping the weekend is better than this week has been, good lord.

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  1. Oh, God, Tan, how HORRIBLE. I hope she gets better fast. Is your medication adjusted properly now?

    I can relate here because I’ve just changed doctors. I have been Paddy Mark’s patient for 35 years and the last few years haven’t seen her ONCE because she’s so busy and important with hospital committees and like that. One useless locum after another. Final straw came when I was at the doc’s in mid-MAY for my knee injury and there was this 12 year old boy doc. With almost no examination, he said I have a meniscus tear and to rest it and it would get better in 6 months or so. I asked if there was a surgical procedure to fix this and he said, “If you were a 20-something athlete yes, but in your case…….” (In other words, you are old and will probably die soon, so what’s the point?)

    It just got more painful, so I decided I need a new doctor. Went on Wednesday and saw this really nice one—first doctor EVER who didn’t talk to me as if he was thinking, “You don’t have a medical degree and I do, so you must be really dumb.” He had a really good look at my knee, told me that if a meniscus tear was going to heal it would have by now, has arranged for an MRI already—this could have been in train three months ago!

    He also said that if it ISN’T a meniscus tear, but an arthritis thingy, he can probably give my knee a cortisone shot and I would be pain free. I love him.

    Oh, and insult added to injury—Paddy’s office has sent me a bill for nearly forty bucks for sending my medical records on!

    1. Those sneaky little shits! I have a back problem I’ve been dealing with for a long time- I originally injured it when I was SEVENTEEN but every time I’ve gone to a doctor about it they are just like… “take some Advil lol.” I have an appointment on Monday with my new doctor and HOPEFULLY I can find out what is wrong with it/get it fixed because right now I can’t even bend over to left Gwen out of her crib.

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