A Case of the Mondays

Normally I recap my weekend on Mondays but this weekend was a TOTAL BUST. In my draft I started writing about it I outlined all the things I was planning to do as if I’d already done them, but haha I never did. Not that I didn’t TRY, it just didn’t work out the way I’d planned.

There were three things I needed to do:
1. Get a new dog crate for Georgie & Kichou to share and rearrange the foyer accordingly, including setting up a new area for the daycare kids’ things.
2. Pack up all the assorted junk piled at the end of the hallway.
3. Drop the mattress support on Gwen’s crib because this was happening:

Okay, that one we actually did do, because safety is very important. But the other two? Not so much. We TRIED to get a new dog crate, but the pet supply store near us didn’t have the right one so we had to order it online. And I MEANT to pack up all the hallway junk, but instead I went on an endless mission to try and find gold glitter sheets- I have about fifty billion orders for gold banners and every single store is sold out of gold! Great. After that I was too tired so I just laid on the couch and watched Supernatural all afternoon/evening/my entire life.

After a turd of a weekend, this week isn’t off to a particularly good start. Georgie kept me awake half the night making weird honking noises (she has trachea problems) so I’m suuuuuuper exhausted. A smoothie got dropped on the floor, and after I cleaned it up I somehow knocked a glass off the counter and it smashed all over the kitchen and dining room floor. Broken glass in an open-plan apartment when you have a crawling baby? PERFECT. Just exactly what I want to deal with before nine am.

Thankfully this week is a short one- I took tomorrow off to go to the fair and then on Friday we’re going to San Francisco! And until then some pictures of Gwen being adorable should brighten my morning. Even though I didn’t do the best job in the world sewing the cover for this beanbag, the baby is a big fan.

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