Standing Tall

Gwen has been pulling herself up onto her knees for a while now but this week (just in the last couple days since we’ve been back from San Francisco) she’s become especially adept at pulling herself into a standing position.
I’m proud of her development, sad to say goodbye to another part of her babyhood, but also frustrated because she’s grabbing all my stuff now! I was working on a banner this morning and she pulled herself up on the couch and started snatching things off my craft table. HOW AM I SUPPOSED TO GET ANYTHING DONE???? She’s actually frustrating herself as well because while she can pull herself up, she’s not very good at getting back down. She gets stuck a lot, or falls down and hurts herself.
I guess the next step is… taking her first step. Seriously, where did my tiny baby go?

3 Replies to “Standing Tall”

  1. oh I hear ya!
    We’re in the same phase over here, and there have been a lot of falls and head bumps lately. It’s impossible to avoid. Zac will unsteadily pull himself up to a stand using my pant legs when I have both my hands full, and then he falls and I can’t catch him without dropping whatever it was that I was holding.

    But wow, is Gwen ever cute! What a smile!

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