You Got It, Dude

No links today, instead you get pictures from my trip to San Francisco.
First plane ride, followed by…
… first car ride! Me trying to install this carseat in my friend’s car outside of the airport was comedic, to say the least. I’m like, 70% sure I put it in properly, and nobody died, so I’ll call it a success.
Hotel baby #tinybuttonsblog
Hotel baby loved crawling around on the bed but required constant supervision as she would try and dive off it headfirst whenever possible. I think that was one of the hardest things for Gwen this trip, the constant supervision I mean. My apartment is pretty well baby-proofed (it has to be) so we just let her roam around. In a hotel room with unsecured cables and exposed outlets? Not so much.
On the flight down she discovered the joy of tearing up napkins, something she also delighted in doing during most of our meals out.
Practicing to get her tintype portrait taken at Photobooth SF. I was a little worried she wouldn’t be able to sit still, but in the end, she was a consummate baby professional, and her portrait turned out beautifully.
outfit details on Tiny Buttons
Gwen with Margaret, our airport chauffeur and babynapper.
Little Joaquin, a fellow Tiny Button. He was pretty grumpy but there does exist somewhere a video of Gwen grabbing his hand so like… :3
Gwen and the Painted Ladies.
Last chance for @blame_simian to squeeze the baby for four days
Taylor giving her last bottle before she and I headed back to the airport.
Hotel hallways will never not be creepy and weird.
After a 2+ hour delay with a increasingly fussy baby in the worst airport ever, this was the best thing that could have happened.
The best thing that happened to me today, having the whole row to myself on the plane
The second best was this one falling asleep on my chest and staying that way for half of the flight.
And finally, HOME. YVR is SUCH a better airport than SFO, plus it smelled like cinnabons.

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