It started and ended with food…
1. Blackberries, raspberries and golden raspberries from the farmers market. Taylor said I could spend between and $20-$40 on berries and then he was shocked when I did, haha. 2. Oatmeal with the aforementioned berries & some local honey. 3. Gwen had hers without honey, and looked very gory by the end of her meal.

4. When I went to freeze some of the berries I found I already had a bunch of old frozen berries, so I did the only logical thing and made a pie. 5. Baby + doggie = ultimate cuteness. Gwen is learning to be gentle with the pets (she doesn’t pull their hair as hard/often as she used to) and Georgie is very patient and loving with her. 6. A berry juice eruption, apparently eight cups of berries was too much for one pie.

7. This baby, who used to be a champion sleeper, has now become a champion of being difficult. We put her to bed, she sleeps for an hour & then wakes up crying. Over and over. On Saturday night she was up until after midnight. 8. The lovely Claire, still kickin’. She actually woke me up this morning by gently patting my cheek with her paw… and then stabbing it with her claws. 9. Google wat r u doin.

10. Getting into things she’s not supposed to get into. I’m trying to teach her not to grab at the PS3 and WiiU but it’s not going well. 11. Pom in a pillow pile. Georgie is very into coziness. 12. Out running errands.

13. Some new banners that will be up in the shop this week sometime. I have nine pastel-to-neon ombre “WHATEVERs,” as well as new colourways for the popular “GO AWAY” and “WHAT IS THE POINT” banners, plus some ready-to-ship “FEMINIST KILLJOYs.” I just need to finish photographing them and edit the pics and write the listings and ughhhhhh. 14. Every year I pledge to make soup from scratch on Sundays and every year… not so much. This year will be different though! 15. The finished product, potato soup with bacon and onion (loosely adapted from this recipe).

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