Burnt Bra

When I was in San Francisco I went to the Gap to buy a new pair of my favourite leggings. They are the maternity leggings, and the Gap in Canada doesn’t carry maternity (not even online, wtf). I like the maternity leggings better than regular leggings because they are way more comfortable. I bought a pair last year and wore them to death- I had them on a couple of days after I got back from my trip and the thigh seam just like, totally ruptured, so it’s a good thing I bought a new pair when I did.

ANYWAY. When I was up in the maternity section of the store looking for the leggings a sales associate, and older woman, came over and asked me if I was looking for jeans. I told her no, I wasn’t even pregnant, I just like the maternity leggings better. She nodded sagely and replied “You probably will for a while yet. And have you tried our camis?”

She then started giving me a hard sell about how great their camis are, and how she recommends them to all the nursing moms. I tuned her out, like I always do when salespeople start telling me about things for nursing moms because I’ll admit it, I’m kind of bitter about not being able to breastfeed, and it’s always weird and awkward to explain why to people. To strangers. So now I just don’t say anything.

Just when I was about the vaguely thank her and walk away she brought up a study done in France about how wearing a big ol’ underwire-filled bra doesn’t stop your boobs from sagging, and that she herself never wore a bra. She’d burned hers when she was 16 and she’d put her breasts against a 27-year-olds any day of the week.


Of course I looked. HOW COULD I NOT??? I still didn’t buy the cami though.

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