Well That Makes Sense


I swear, sometimes my brain just doesn’t function properly. You might recall I posted a couple times how difficult Tuesday mornings were for me, with Taylor at work, Sym at her dad’s and me having to get the baby up dressed and fed AND take the dogs for a walk. During those few weeks I was working this was especially difficult as I had to do all that AND get home by 7:45am.

In order to solve this problem I came up with a totally brilliant scheme: to switch Sym’s night at her dad’s from Mondays back to Tuesdays. That way she’d be home onTuesday mornings so she could be in charge of the sleeping baby while I took out the dogs. Genius. Perfect. Foolproof. Except….

WHAT ABOUT WEDNESDAY MORNINGS?? I somehow neglected to consider that now I’ll be home alone on Wednesday mornings, the same as I was on Tuesdays. So like… good job, me.


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