Recent Disappointments

idk why but recently stuff is just being a butt.

I’m having hard time with my new short hair. Like, I KNOW I chose to cut it off and it’s just hair, it’ll grow back BLAH BLAH BLAH but I had my long hair for a long time (ha ha) and guess it was kind of like a security blanket and also armour somehow? Like now that I don’t have anything to hide/distract from my dumb face I feel like I need to do stuff like tweeze my eyebrows and wear makeup. Ugh. Also even after bleaching it approximately one hundred and fifty times I still felt like it was too dark, so I decided to have at it again. Yesterday afternoon I bought a bleaching kit and when I went to go use it today the frigging bleach powder was missing! So it was useless! But I’d already mixed up the other ingredients so I can’t return it because the store I got it from is a real return policy stickler! Ugh so frustrating. Luckily Taylor was able to pick me up a NEW kit on the way home but I only have a limited window for when I can bleach my hair, ie Gwen’s naptime.

I’ve been trying to be more responsible about meals and actually cook more often. I was pretty successful over the weekend, making oatmeal and pie and a great dinner on Saturday night with chicken and the best roast potatoes I’ve ever made. On Friday Sym requested one of her fave meals, cheese tortellini with 4 cheese sauce (for someone who CLAIMS to not like cheese…), which is easy enough because I just use a storebought sauce. Unfortunately the grocery store by my house doesn’t carry it anymore, but yesterday I was able to find a similar sauce at a different store. This one was a SEVEN cheese sauce, so it should be 75% better than a 4 cheese sauce, right? WRONG. It smelled like old feet, plus the whole thing plopped out of the container in one solid, jiggling jell-o-like mass, which really grossed me out. I couldn’t even eat it, so I didn’t get any dinner. So lame!

I recently watched the movie Let Go (because watching indie “comedies” where everyone is terrible and/or miserable is my thing) and I was disappointed by the parts about Kevin Hart’s Kris Styles, a doctor who was convicted of Medicare fraud. According to the terms of his parole, the character was required to hold down a full time job (that he didn’t need as he was well-off) and due to his record could only get terrible service jobs where people were shitty to him when he was just trying to do his job, but at the same time he was shitty to other people who were just trying to do their jobs. I kept hoping for some character growth, but the movie wasn’t about him, it was about his boring-ass parole officer, so it never happened. I think the movie would have been better if it was about Kris, tbh. He was a much more interesting character than the bland-ass protagonist.

After the HUGE hassle I went through trying to find a new doctor the other month, I finally spoke to my new one about my ongoing back problems. He just recommended I go see a chiropractor? Which I don’t want to do because a) I don’t trust the chiropractic industry and b) money. So now it’s going to be weird when I see the doctor again and I’m like “I need a better solution for my back problems” but what else am I gonna do, find another new doctor? NEWS FLASH THERE AREN’T ANY. Anyway the whole situation is very stressful and anxiety making for me so instead I’m just going to do nothing.

Anyway to make up for this bummer of a post, please enjoy this picture of my adorable baby being adorable. She’s never a disappointment.
EOS 5D Mark II-0209.jpg

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