The Unlinkable Has Happened

Regramming this precious moment from @blame_simian because she rarely does this anymore
You guysssssssss omg. The worst thing happened! Normally I keep a draft going all week for my links post, but this week I was just too lazy. Instead I left tabs open with all the cool articles and blogs and things I wanted to include in this week’s post. I had over a dozen, it was going to be a great post! THEN yesterday afternoon I had a shower, and when I got out my computer was turned off? HOW. Ghosts or something, I guess. ANYWAY by the time I realized that of course my computer shutting off also closed all those tabs it was TOO LATE to shift-command-tab them back and now I’ve forgotten what they all were. Because of this the only link I have this week is Gwen’s outfit post.

Instead of links, here are some instagrams from this week.
Attitude problems
Gwen and I met Sym after school.
I'm living vicariously through @blame_simian's hair #longhairdontcare #merman
Really jealous of Taylor’s hair you guys. REALLY. JEALOUS.
:D #tinybuttonsblog
this babyyyyyyyyyyyyyy omg
She only went in because Sym lured her in. Kichou likes it though! I’ll be posting a tutorial on how to make your very own cardboard cabin for babies, kids and dogs next week.
Let me in
She does not appreciate being trapped behind the gate.
One of about fifty projects I have on the go rnThings I did instead of working today: made a new print for Gwen's room #123456789
Two of my many projects from this week, a forest in progress and a finished number print, both for Gwen’s room.

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