I had big plans for this weekend. Big, secret, whimsical plans. I was going to go for a walk down a tree-lined street drinking apple cider and maybe do some window shopping in cute shops. I was going to wear tights and a sweater and so was my baby. It was going to be a perfect fall weekend, except lol no.

Instead on Saturday I felt sick and on Sunday it poured with rain. The only walking around I did outside involved raincoats, rainpants and a broken umbrella that closed on my head. So instead I spent most of my weekend on PROJECTS!

Started painting these two canvases for Gwen’s room. The smaller one will go above her change table, the larger one is going behind her crib so she can’t drop her binkies down there anymore.

I bought some cheap poster frames on clearance at Michael’s (for $5 & $7) and painted them white (originally they were bright green) and framed the alphabet poster and Little Paper Forest Map of Canada print in Gwen’s room. I also bought a red one for this signed poster Taylor got as a perk for funding some Kickstarter or another. This frame was a little scuffed at the corners so I put a coat of the same red paint as the dining room table.
I also finally put more cupboard inserts in that shelf. They are a total pain to install so I’ve been putting it off forever, but I only have one left to do, thank god.

The most tedious thing I did this weekend was finished faux-boising Gwen’s cardboard cabin. Or at least I think I’m finished; I might do the roof as well.
And yet she still won’t go in it. Babies! So rude!

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  1. What a great productive weekend … I love it when I get lots of things done and it turns out great. Your dining room area looks fabulous. I love the wall hanging unit. Gwen just steals my heart. ox

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