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Sleepyhead #tinybuttonsblog

Every parent should read this (but especially parents of boys).

Regular building or SECRET ICE CAVE?

As the original commissioner of the very first “Feminist Killjoy” banner I owe a lot of my etsy’s success to Alithea. She’s doing her damnedest to start a new business and is asking for just a little help getting started.

Just discovered this creepy little shop & I love it!

What a very silly Gwen wore this week.


There are still a few mini number poster samples that haven’t yet been claimed here (for free!).

Remember to order your banners in the following colours while you still can!
• bronze (5 sheets left)
• lilac (4 sheets left)
• indigo (10 sheets left)
• mint (7.5 sheets left)
• cerulean (3.5 sheets left)
• lemon (3.5 sheets left)
• orange sherbet (6 sheets left)
• peacock (5 sheets left)
• turquoise (6.5 sheets left)
• lime (6.5 sheets left)

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