Blue & Silver

The toner I use to get my bleached hair not so frickin yellow is dark blue in it’s little pot, but silvery powder blue once I put in my hair. It’s actually a silver toner but my hair never really goes silver- maybe a little the first day but soon it fades to regular ol’ blonde and after that, back to yellow. It’s the same brand as the dye I used to use in the nineties to dye my hair unnatural colours. I used to go through a cycle with my hair: bleach it a million times to get it as white as possible. Get sick of that and dye it some unnatural colour (usually bright red or purple). Get sick of that and dye it black. Get sick of that and bleach it a million times. This is why I had short hair for so long (that and the fact that I used to shave my head every time I had a bad hair day).

I’m having a bad hair day now. I am counting the days until my hair is long again. Right now it’s at this super annoying length where it just looks bad all the stupid time. My hair has a lot of volume. It has a lot of body. It has a lot of wave, in fact if I stopped damaging it with bleach I think it might even be curly. There is also a lot of it in general and as much as I wish I could have short hair that sits still and smooth and neat that isn’t the case. It puffs up unless I glob it with product, but if I glob it with product I have to wash it more often and if I wash it more often the toner fades faster and pretty much the only thing worse than puffed up hair is puffed up hair that’s yellow.

My hair has been pretty yellow recently (the season change gives me terrible dandruff, gross) so on the weekend I toned it again. I left the toner in for pretty much ever, like… I think I put it in at eleven-thirty or so and didn’t rinse it out until after four. It’s definitely almost a little silver now; when Taylor saw it he said “oh yeah, WOW, that is way less yellow!” I used to do this back when I was dyeing my hair unnatural colours, the theory being that the longer you left it in, the longer it would take to fade out. I had friends who would sleep with it in their hair. I never went that far but I do recall one time when I put a plastic cap over my dye-filled hair, put a hat over the plastic cap and went to the movies. It was 1995 and I saw Clueless.

Anyway. I’m planning on dyeing it purple for my Halloween costume this year, and then after Halloween I’m going to wash it a bunch and hope it fades to pastel lilac. Since the whole point of cutting my hair off was to grow it out NOT dyed-dark, fingers crossed I can keep myself from saying “EFF THIS” and going back to black.

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