Feathers and Feminists

Just a quick little shop update, I have added a new feather garland and a couple ready to ship mini Feminist Killjoy banners (click the pics to view the listings).
I based the design of these feathers off of a real, actual crow feather I found and scanned. After I scanned it the feather fell into the back of the printer and became hideously mangled- I tried to print something and all these gross feather bits were spat out and at first I thought it was spider legs! Gross. There are nine feathers in 7 different types of black leather and suede.
mini Feminist Killjoy in the new chocolate brown with bronze glitter hearts
mini Feminist Killjoy in a purple gradient (same design as my “The Literal Worst” banner)

Also! All the winners of my mini-poster giveaway, your prizes have been shipped and should arrive in 4-7 business days. Thanks again to everyone who entered.

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