Ladies at the Gate

If Georgie is really desperate she can squirm under this retractable gate, and I’m sure Claire could jump over it if she wasn’t so lazy. Gwen is completely thwarted in her attempts to get into the hallway and rummage through my Sweet Valley High books and the cat’s litterbox though.
So many people think babies & small pets don’t mix but Gwen is gentle with them 80% of the time (the other 20% she still has the unfortunate habit of grabbing their hair), and they are almost always gentle with her. Even Claire, who is very very old, is sweet with Gwen now.

2 Replies to “Ladies at the Gate”

  1. I have studied the first two pictures carefully and it becomes obvious that the gate problem is being regarded by Gwen in the light of a physics conundrum. She WILL eventually defeat the Evil Gate and rummage to her heart’s content in kitty litter. Concurrently, she will discover both cures for cancer and how to achieve World Peace.

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