A Grilled Cheese Sandwich for Jerks

This sandwich is absurdly good. It’s basically a pie, tbh.
-2 pieces bread, all I had in the house was boring white bread but whatever you like is fine
-1/4 to 1/3 of a honeycrisp apple, peeled and sliced very very thin, I’m talking 1-2mm here. I used a small organic apple from the farmer’s market and it yielded enough slices for two sandwiches with plenty left over for the baby to throw on the floor
-goat cheese
-fig jam

On one piece of bread layer crumbles/slices/smears of goat cheese with slices of apple. Spread fig jam on the other piece of bread and put them together. Cook in your own favourite cheese sandwich technique- I’m an animal so I cover them with butter and fry them in a pan but you do you.

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  1. I make a similar sandwich (discovered during an extended wait for a delayed plane at YVR). Green apple slices, strong white cheddar cheese and toasted fennel seeds. Feels fancy!

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