The Cuuuuurrrrrrrrrrrrssssssssssssse

Last week Sym came home from school on Monday SUPER EXCITED because the very next day marked the return of Pretty Little Liars AND the premiere of Ravenswood, it’s spinoff. She spends Tuesdays at her dad’s so we made plans to have a mommy/Symmie night on Wednesday, where we’d eat nachos and watch the shows.
The nachos were good; the shows were ridiculous. Pretty Little Liars has always been ridiculous (that’s why we love it!) but Ravenswood is just… idk. FIrst of all, the writing and acting were ATROCIOUS, and I know some people are keen on watching it for Tyler Blackburn /Caleb Rivers, but his face looks all bloated and weird. Like, Matthew Perry bloated. And finally, can we stop for a second to talk about how the show makes ZERO SENSE. Like it is set in the same world at Pretty Little Liars, which is presumably a real world-type universe, but now all of a sudden there are CURSES? And GHOSTS? What even the hell, man.

In conclusion Ravenswood was terrible, and we’d probably keep watching it but the freaky drowning victim ghost caused Sym to deem it too scary, so it’s going to be a no.

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  1. You dare speak ill of Tyler Blackburn?! A POX ON YOUR HOUSE. (Sorry, I just started devouring game of thrones and…well… it makes me speak differently, it is weird.)

    But yeah, Ravenswood is so… BAD. And if Caleb cheats on Hannah, I am going to stab EVERYONE. Then they tease me with an episode of pretty little liars and then are like LOLNOPE wait till January.

    So, do you watch Twisted, too? I have the biggest creep crush on the main character.


      I don’t watch Twisted, I think I’m at my limit for teen dramas lol

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