Bits & Pieces

Tippy toe.
I had Sym pick Gwen’s outfit on Friday and she dressed her as a little storm cloud.

A rare photo of both of my daughters. Both of them have birthdays next week and while I have the presents aspect sorted out (which I should, seeing as how I starting birthday shopping in MARCH) I need to get on the decorations. I want to have star-shaped Mylar balloons (someone in my house has a phobia of regular latex balloons) but they are kind of stupidly expensive? Like five dollars for ONE balloon??? idk, there are a couple dollar stores near my house that sell them for less but I don’t think they have plain silver ones. I DID find a site that sells them at wholesale prices (sixty-five cents each!) but they probably wouldn’t arrive in time (I should have started looking into this sooner, obviously) and I’d have to get a helium canister. Do you rent those? Buy them? WHERE DOES HELIUM EVEN COME FROM???? So complicated.

Oh my glob.
I’m pretty much finished our Halloween costumes (Gwen is Lumpy Space Princess; Taylor and I are being Lumpy Space King & Queen). In time-honoured tradition I’ve made them from sweatsuits & t-shirts, because I value comfort over authenticity.

Got these pins in the mail from MerBulltique and I’m IN LOVE. I put them on my coat as soon as I opened the package!

Tuff Baby.
Toughest of all the babies. If you make this face at her (including the heavy breathing that goes along with it) then she’ll do it back at you. Which is what Taylor and I were doing, on a busy sidewalk, in order to get this pic. Rolling my eyes at myself right now. Remember when she always had that crease at the top of her nose though?

Getting my free flu shot, yay fun.
Getting my free flu shot, what fun. Every other year of my life I’ve gotten sick right at the start of the flu season, before shots were available (being surrounded by kids will do that), but hopefully I’ll be able to avoid it this year. Something I DIDN’T avoid was getting food poisoning from terrible cheap Chinese takeout on Saturday night. This has happened to me before, WHY DO I NEVER LEARN??? Taylor and I watched Beetlejuice and then I spent the rest of the night in the bathroom, gross. I still felt weird on Sunday but went out to run errands anyway, which was probably a mistake but OH WELL.

Schemes I’m scheming for this week:
• plan and make the aforementioned birthday decorations
• finish fixing my bathroom wall so I can hang up my nail polish shelf!
• make a decision about Christmas pajamas
• actually do the diy I planned to do with Sym on Saturday but never did because we were too busy shopping, oops

Have a good week, everyone!

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  1. Oh, I’ll just blush now! I am so glad you liked your pins,. I was totally nervous you would get them and hate them and in turn, ME. Sobbbbb.

    ALSO, I used to make the face your babe is making all the time when I was little, it was my go to face. There might be an entire photo album dedicated to that face.

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