A Very Particular Baby

Gwen likes dogs the most.

She’s figured out how to pull the bins of daycare toys open. Her favourite thing to do is to get out the cars and drive them across the keyboard of that old computer.

She’s definitely becoming more particular in her likes and dislikes, especially when it comes to things that make noise.
Likes: the vacuum cleaner, her VTech Learning Farm Walker when it’s turned off and doesn’t make any sounds, when people come over to our house and talk to her
Dislikes: when I pull packing tape off a roll, when I staple things, her VTech Learning Farm Walker when it’s turned on and makes animal sounds and plays music, when people try to talk to her when she’s in her stroller

If I give her a mix of foods she’ll pick out her favourites and leaves the rest. Yesterday I gave her a bowl of cheerios and cheddar penguin crackers and she daintily plucked out all the penguins while rejecting the cheerios (which were eventually thrown on the floor for the dogs).

She’s outgrown her bath support- we were actually supposed to stop using it when she could sit on her own, but until recently she was content to lay back in it and get washed. We’ve now entered the unfamiliar territory of a loose baby flailing around in the tub (I never had this with Sym as she HATED baths unless her dad or I went in the tub with her), and her last few baths have been a struggle for all of us. We ordered a bunch of bathtime accessories and last night things went much more smoothly!
Counterclockwise from top: Skip Hop bath spout cover and stacking bird bath toy, Munchkin bathtub grippy dots

Babies! They have difficult personalities just like everyone else!

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