Happurple Halloween

Happy Halloween from me, Lumpy Space Queen and my daughter who just woke up, GRUMPY Space Princess.
Photo on 13-10-31 at 9.15 AM
BEHOLD MY NEW HAIR! I’m super happy with it, I don’t think I’ve had purple hair since high school and I love it! This is just for Halloween and then I’m going to let it fade, hopefully to lilac, but for right now I’m really enjoying having dark hair again. Honestly if it wasn’t for my ever-lightening natural colour I’d keep it dark forever, but I just can’t with the upkeep.

I’m also enjoying the fact that since I’m just going to let this colour fade I CAN WASH MY HAIR AS MUCH AS I WANT. With the blonde it would start looking brassy after two or three washes so I’d only wash it once a week IF THAT. But last night (the same night I dyed it, normally a huge no-no for me) I washed it THREE TIMES. It was glorious.

Anyway. I’ll hopefully have better pics later today or maybe tomorrow, including Gwen’s costume on Tiny Buttons.

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  1. I love the hair. I prefer my hair to be purple or blue, it feels more natural than my natural hair, right now it is a lilac-y grey. Can I just recommend a purple shampoo? Or a shampoo for grey hair (they are usually purple). It keeps all the brassy-ness at bay and if you use it on blonde hair it makes it really bright and lilac-y. When I had purple hair I would only wash it twice a week in cold water (The horror!!!) but since getting a purple shampoo I wash it four whole times a week in WARM water. Or happpppy day.

  2. Your hair looks killer! That’s what I imagined my short hair looking like (I didn’t imagine the purple, as I went cherry red instead), so I also love the style. I’ve given up and started growing my hair out; are you planning on staying short or growing?

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