Not Fade Away

… even though I wish you would!

I’m talking about my hair colour here. It WILL NOT FADE, no matter how much I wash it. I DON’T UNDERSTAND.

It’s not like I’ve never dyed my hair a wacky colour before; I have. MILLIONS of times. And every time I lived with the knowledge that if I washed my hair the colour would instantly fade and need to be retouched. Well. In the ten days since I dyed it this blue-that-was-meant-to-be-purple I’ve washed it at least 30 times. AT LEAST. Not an exaggeration.
Photo on 13-11-09 at 11.32 AM #2
Does this look faded to you???

I’m going to look on the bright (BRIGHT BLUE/PURPLE, HA) side here, as long as I’m trying to fade this colour out I can keep washing my hair as often as I like. And I do like.

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