Presents & Cake

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Gwen’s little party on Friday night…
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Gwen actually had a terrible day- something she ate didn’t agree with her, leading to some bottom troubles and the worst diaper rash she’s ever had. I think she would have had more fun & possibly even enjoyed her little smash cake if she wasn’t so uncomfortable.

She made out like a tiny bandit though! From Taylor and I she got a new outfit (that she wore that day) plus a cozy cableknit cardigan (this one but in brown), a custom rag doll from Roving Ovine (that I bought in March, and thank goodness I did because she’s no longer accepting custom orders) and this beautiful Learn the Alphabet board book featuring Northwest Coast First Nations artwork. She got lots of wonderful toys, clothes and books from our family & friends, I would feel like an asshole listing them all but she is a very lucky baby!
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