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A couple updates! First of all, yesterday I put up my nail polish shelf and I’m in luv. All my polish is RIGHT THERE, I can see them all and I feel I’ll be much less likely to keep buying dupes if I know what I have. I was so inspired that I painted my nails at like 10:30 last night, haha.
You can find these kind of shelves on amazon for pretty cheap if you are in the US, but most places don’t ship to Canada or the shipping is stupidly expensive. I lucked out and found one on ebay with cheap shipping, but that seller doesn’t ship to Canada anymore either! I guess they learned their lesson with me. Anyway the search term to use is “nail polish rack” and you might get lucky.

Remember how I first complained that my hair wasn’t fading, and then announced that it was? Here it is:
It’s so much lighter! But only in the front, haha. I’m focussing on fading the sides now. Also, on the right side of that pic you can see my AMAZINGLY WHITE ROOTS. Wow. WOWWWWW. Of course they are only like that at my temples (I’m distinguished igss), the rest of my head is more of a mix, although I thought the back of my head was still mostly brown and it’s really not.

Some links…

The wonderful Sarah Gonzalez on pressure, stress and rushing through life.

Sweetest little fox-print dress.

So beautiful!.

Someone get me these.

idek how this site works, like it seems to be some sort of clothing subscription? And they send you one in a different colour every month? WHY WOULD YOU NEED THAT???? But anyway this Moomin sweater and dress are pretty much the greatest things I’ve ever seen. Some other Moomin things I want: one two three

A couple outfits Gwen has worn lately.

I swear I’ve seen a longer trailer for this but now I can’t find it, weird. ANYWAY IT’S GOONA BE GREAT. I saw a comment describing it as “fabulous trash” and that’s so accurate.

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  1. I am so disgustingly excited about this Lifetime remake of FITA. And you’re right, I know they had a 4 minute trailer out because I sent it to a friend but now the video has been removed!

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