Blackout and Blue

My power went out for an hour this morning. I spent 45 minutes sitting in the semi-dark with Sym and Gwen before deciding “this is dumb! Let’s go out!” Sym actually left to go to her dad’s (she’s skipping school to hang out with him as he had a tonsillectomy yesterday) so it was just me and the baby. I got us both ready and packed up her bag and then literally the second we were walking out the door the power came back on! Typical….
Since we were all dressed I decided to go out anyway. I had a gift card to Urban Outfitters from some boots I returned* that I wanted to spend, and I figured we could meet up with Taylor on his way home from work.
It was very cold and windy out (probably what caused the outage) and I was very glad we were both bundled up warmly in coats and scarves and hats! Taylor wasn’t so lucky; it was raining when he walked to work yesterday so he only had his waterproof jacket, which isn’t warm at all, so he was only wearing a sweatshirt for warmth.
It’s funny, but I was talking about power outages just the other day- I grew up in the country and outages were frequent and often lasted for hours. I remember one time when there was an outage we had a family sing-a-long, if you can believe it. I remember my mom fashioning a toastrack out of a wire hanger and making toast on the woodstove. And I especially remember how we couldn’t flush the toilet when the power was out because our well had an electric pump. That was the worst, haha!

*I’m super irritated about this, all I want is a pair of plain, simple, flat black leather boots with no straps or buckles or zippers or geegaws for under $100. I thought I lucked out with these (even though the leather is SO cheap it is basically plastic) but I couldn’t even get them on my feet! I had sized up specifically to avoid this problem, but no dice. idk if the problem is with the boots or with my feet, but this is the second time this has happened to me- and the first time was with some really expensive Fryes (long time readers may remember this). idk, I just want some boots!

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  1. I don’t remember the toast rack! But I remember the power outages and trying to read by candle light. I was thinking: “They don’t seem to happen very much any more” and then I remembered that this is the first winter I’ve not gone away in seven years. So I guess I still have that to look forward to. Terrific.

    Boots: You know, I think it must be some sort of sinister plot. I had thought it was the fault of my feet that I never can find any boots that seem right, so I wear the old, leaky, dopey-looking ones that are fifteen years old. But perhaps the boot dudes are just Out To Get Us. Or, probably, force us to buy the fiendishly expensive ones.

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