Manicure Monday

EOS M-0609.jpg
Essie in Mesmerize + Sinful Colors in Hottie (what a weird name for a blue glitter, should be Coldie)

I don’t like Hottie on it’s own; it’s too translucent for my tastes. I layered it over a blue to try and capture how it looks in the bottle, but I think a more electric/royal blue would have worked better. tbh I really hated this mani at first. I did it at night and in the artificial lighting the glitter looked like plain silver. It reminded me of this weird glitter paint I used to have for the daycare kids, haha idk. It’s grown on me though, and the glitter is more dimensional than just silver; it’s actually turquoise blue and iridescent.
EOS M-0604.jpg

3 Replies to “Manicure Monday”

  1. Pretty! I miss painting my nails; I probably have as much nail polish as you do…

    …the manager at the hospital finally threatened to send me home one day so WHOOPS NO MORE NAIL POLISH. Tragedy.

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