Baby Eats & Sleeps & Walks


cinnamon toast waffles & mandarin orange / tomato, cucumber & cheddar salad

I’m pretty sure Gwen has now fully made the transition to being a one nap-a-day baby. It’s weird to think that only a few months ago she was still have THREE naps! She still wakes up around 8:30 or nine in the morning, and then she goes down for her nap at around 1pm. If I’m lucky she sleeps for a couple hours, if not then she has a total meltdown before we can get her in the bath. She has a new, earlier bedtime of 7:30-ish.

I think for me the most difficult part about her adjusted sleep schedule has been figuring out her new mealtimes. It used to be really easy: food when she wakes up, bottle before she goes down. Now it’s breakfast when she wakes and maybe a lil snack then lunch at 11:30 and a bottle at 12:30, then snack after nap and dinner HOPEFULLY around 6 (I’m not used to getting dinner ready that early!) and a bottle before bed. It sounds simple now but it’s taken me a week to get the whole thing down.

And finally, this baby is now a walkin’ fool. She will walk unsupported for 5-6 steps at a time, before she has to grab onto the furniture or drop to a crawl. Every day she walks further and further on her own.

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    1. Gwen loves veggies! I started her with cooked ones and now she can’t get enough of them. I like to make her little salads like that with veggies & beans- you can use frozen ones, just run warm water over them to defrost them, and that makes it really easy.

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