Lazy Everything

This post is a lot later & lazier than normal, as I didn’t bother saving ANY links this week. OH WELL ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ Instead of links I’m going to talk about pajamas because why not.
In the spring when Gwen started rolling over and moving around more, she’d get into all sorts of trouble at sleep time, wedging her arms and legs through the bars of the crib. I tried putting a pool noodle under the sheet and while that helped a little we needed to take more drastic measures. At that time she was growing out of all her cute footie pajamas so we switched her to a Mod Swad sleeper, which kept her legs contained and not shoved through the bars.

After nine-ish months of constant use it’s starting to look pretty gross, and since it’s almost Christmas pajama time I decided to switch her back to pajamas recently, and last night I dressed her in footie pajamas for the first time in forever. I seriously just about had a fit, how could I have forgotten HOW FRIGGING CUTE THEY ARE???? Especially now that Gwen’s a little toddler, seeing her standing and walking in them basically slays me. I wanted to leave her in the all day but tragically she suffered diaper containment failure and they had to go straight in the laundry this morning.

They remind me of these ones from last winter, which were my favourites:
Stripey bear
She has the same hat in cream & a similar sweater in brown now, so I can basically relive this whole outfit, haha. (for Gwen’s daytime outfit this week go here)

OH AND I DID SAVE ONE LINK, to the latest addition to my Christmas playlist.

You can download it here. I realized a few weeks ago that my Halloween playlist was 3 minutes longer than my Christmas playlist and HOW DOES THAT EVEN MAKE SENSE???? Since then I’ve been adding more songs and I’m pleased to say that the Christmas playlist is now 9 whole minutes longer than “Spoopy Creppy” (my Halloween playlist).

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  1. danielle is such an amazing singer!(she did go to juliard though so its not surprising) and as someone who hates christmas music ive watched this video 4 times……………

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