Forget Today

She's having a grumpy weekend.
This day has been very frustrating so far. All these little annoying things keep happening and piling on top of me until I’m so irritated and angry I just want to scream. The two most aggravating:

1. There is no hot water. Apparently the water heater has a hole and was leaking all weekend so it needs to be replaced, but like…. they just replaced it in AUGUST. I swear, they replace the dumb thing 2-3 times every year, it’s absurd. STOP REPLACING CRAPPY WATER HEATERS WITH OTHER CRAPPY WATER HEATERS. I was too tired to have a shower last night and I slept in too late to have one this morning, so my plan was to have one this afternoon during Gwen’s nap, but NOPE, I just have to sit here and stew in my own filth and also not wash the dishes that are piling up.

2. SALT. SALT ON MY STAIRS. It’s snowing today, but just BARELY. Here’s a pic to illustrate how very snowy it is not:
Wow look at that snow coming down. #canada #truenorth #extremeweather
It’s not even anything, and it’s certainly not an amount of snow that you have to do anything about. In my mind when it snows you wait until there’s enough to shovel, and after you’ve shovelled if there are any stubborn icy patches, you toss a little salt on them. unfortunately I live in IDIOTVILLE and people seem to believe that you should preemptively SALT FUCKING EVERYWHERE. I knew someone would be going around throwing salt on all the stairs and walkways, so when the maintenance guy came to tell me about the hot water I specifically asked him to NOT salt my stairs. Two hours later?
Me to maintenance guy : "hey, can you not salt my stairs? It is really bad for my dogs and it gets tracked into my house." maintenance guy: "sure thing!" then two hours later, SALT FUCKING EVERYWHERE.
SALT. SALT FUCKING EVERYWHERE. GREAT HANDFULS OF BLUE SALT THROWN ALL OVER MY STAIRS. I seriously hate this stuff, I gets tracked into the house and makes a mess, plus it is TERRIBLE for animals! When the dog walker dropped Dougal off he was limping and crying he was in so much pain! I had to clean his paws off and then go out and sweep up as much of the salt as I could, and now MY paws are in pain. AND I ONLY HAVE FREEZING COLD WATER TO WASH THEM.

So yeah. Forget today. Today is a garbage day.

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