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Dougal is the silliest

I love Jessica’s work, and this book looks amazing.

The most accurate thing I’ve ever read in my life.

Pizza Underground plays covers of Velvet Underground, except all the songs are about pizza and are legitimately amazing. Also, Macaulay Culkin?

Christin will explain anything.

An interview (+ coupon code) with Melissa of Little Pancakes on Apocalypstick.

A super cute and easy idea for gingerbread cookies (which I might make EVEN EASIER by using a tube of Pillsbury cookie dough because why not).

What Gwen wore.

This week I’ve mostly been super busy finishing the very last of my holiday orders, and making samples of some all-new banner styles. I’ve been instagramming some sneak peaks but in case you missed them…
top row: blue/pink Rose & Dot “Oh My Darling” banner; samples of blue and yellow Star, clear Pearl on purple, and purple Sheer Dot on purple
bottom row: blue/pink Stripe, Spot and Star; clear Pearl on white and black, red/white Gingham and yellow Sheer Dot on white

The first style (Rose & Dot) is available for custom banners now, and I should have the others up early next week. I’m really excited about how these have turned out, and with each style available in multiple colours I will have tons of amazing options! Star, Stripe and Spot come in four different colour combinations, Rose & Dot, Gingham and Pearl come in five and Sheer Dot comes in eight! Additionally, Sheer Dot and Pearl are translucent, so whatever colour I put them over shows through and changes the look significantly- I put the same colour Pearl sheet over white and black in the sample picture above, and you can see how differently each one turned out!

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